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Meet Shauna Elizabeth, a trailblazer in the world of hairdressing and beyond. Shauna embarked on her remarkable journey as a hairdresser, opening her first salon in Rosanna, VIC at the tender age of 25.


Rapidly rising through the ranks, she swiftly earned a reputation as one of Melbourne's top stylists, with appointments booked solid up to 12 months in advance.

As her career soared, Shauna ventured into the enchanting world of weddings, a realm she embraced with passion and dedication. This love affair with bridal styling and education prompted her to shift her focus exclusively to hair styling for weddings and imparting her knowledge to aspiring stylists.

The ascent of her career paralleled the growth of her Instagram following, opening doors to collaborations with industry giants such as Moroccan Oil, Jadore Hair Supplies, Affinage, and many more. For the past five years, she has proudly served as a partner ambassador for Cloudnine Hair, a testament to her standing in the industry.

8 years later, the evolution of Shauna's career took an organic turn towards content creation and social media management with the arrival of her first baby. Drawing on her background in videography and photography, she found her true calling as a content creator, visual storyteller, and social media manage.

Shauna's expertise extends beyond content creation; she has successfully executed comprehensive rebranding strategies. Her approach goes beyond social media, encompassing training staff on guest experience and ensuring the seamless integration of the new brand identity across all facets of a business.

Passionate about helping businesses thrive, Shauna is dedicated to elevating content, enhancing social media presence, and establishing robust branding and identity. With a wealth of experience in running a successful business in the hairdressing industry, she holds a niche interest in collaborating with businesses within the spa, cosmetic, hair, and beauty realm. Shauna only works with a small number of businesses at any given time, to ensure one on one availability and full attention to detail.

If you're ready to elevate your online presence, or perhaps just need a hand with regular posting, we'd love to hear from you.

Packages run on a 2 Month retainer agreement, with packages starting at $250 p/w. 

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